Click Fraud Protection Full Rim: DDF-223
Prescription Volugio Sports Sunglasses DDF-223 (Black/Gray)
Prescription Volugio Sports Sunglasses DDF-223 (Black/Gray)

Prescription Volugio Sports Sunglasses DDF-223 (Black/Gray)

With Adjustable Nose Pads, Comfort Grip™ temples, and the perfect size Power Thin™ temples, these are the ultimate in sports sunglasses comport and protection.

  • Base Price: $129.00

About Prescription Volugio Sports Sunglasses DDF-223 (Black/Gray)

Nose Pads:

Adjust to fit any size nose from giant hockey noses to Asian fit. This feature also allows you to adjust the height of the lenses, or to move the glasses further away from your face when fogging is an issue.

Comfort Grip™ Temples:

Extremely comfortable rubber cushioning is built into the lower temple (not an after-production wrap-around part). This helps hold the glasses comfortably in place for extreme extended wear.

Optimal Temple Height/Width:

The height of these temples is designed to keep sunlight and debris away from your eyes. This lightweight, thin design also makes it easy to slide these sunglasses on under a helmet, hat, or headset.

NOTE: Your pupil will naturally be dilated to the optimal size for the surrounding lighting conditions. If you’re wearing sunglasses with tiny temples that allow too much light behind your lenses, your eyes will be exposed to excessive UV Light, and your pupils will be constricted to a size that does not provide optimal clarity. This design from Volugio eliminates that concern.


Built for strength and comfort, these full-rim sunglasses weight less than 30 grams. (1.05 oz)

These lenses are a high-grade Polycarbonate that you would expect to find only in sunglasses that cost $100 to $300. These unbreakable lenses block all UVA, UVB & UVC sunlight. Volugio will never use the TAC lenses often found in competitively priced eyewear. Polycarbonate is ANSI Approved for safety. TAC lenses can easily be broken by typical sports related impact.